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Working at Xenon Pharmaceuticals

Our performance-oriented culture and responsible business approach attracts top experts in many areas, including research and development, marketing and sales, finance and administration. Our talented workforce have made us a leader in healthcare. Xenon is committed to rewarding the people who invest their ideas and their time in our company. 
Working at Xenon Pharmaceuticals
Our talented, diverse and driven teams work collaboratively to bring our pipeline of innovative medicines to life. Xenon has a vision of a better today and tomorrow for patients – a vision that drives our growth and success. The greatest job satisfaction for our human resource is the knowledge that they improve the quality of life for patients through breakthrough science and innovation. O|ur motto is to serve humanity and we are aconstantly looking for compentent people who will futher enhance our core value to serve humanity.

Employee Benefits

  1. The success of Xenon depends on the performance and dedication of our Group company associates. We strive to be an employer of choice that attracts, retains and motivates talented and performance-driven people in our affiliates.
  2. Each personnel is given a fixed salary based on job characteristics, market competitiveness and the associate’s skills. Salary growth depends on the individual performance and level compared to the benchmark.
  3. Xenon benefits programs are an integral part of the total compensation policy and strategy and are designed to meet the challenges of the growing, global competition for talent. These programs support the overall business objectives and strategy of Xenon. 

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